FAQ – Who is QCAT and how does it influence your life in a retirement village –

What is QCAT and what is its role in retirement villages? QCAT is the acronym for ‘Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal’. “QCAT is part of the Justice Administration Division within the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.”

QCAT is less formal than a court, but it can still make decisions that are final, and can be enforced.

Matters are heard and decided by tribunal members or adjudicators. Members may be lawyers or have expertise in a particular field.

The parties to a dispute have to represent themselves or ask QCAT for permission to be represented by someone else.

The application fee for a retirement village dispute sent to QCAT is $295.00. (NOTE: Fees may be waived in cases of financial hardship.)

Before a dispute is dealt with by QCAT the two parties to the dispute must have attempted to resolve the dispute within the village (see s154 RVAct).

Once the application is accepted by QCAT the parties may be ordered to attend mediation or a compulsory conference. For more information ‘click here’

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