FAQ – Exit fees are expensive. How to understand them –

Exit fees are also known as Deferred Management Fees (DMFs). The exit fee is paid by the resident or the estate when the unit is sold.

In the past disputes have risen about how the exit fee was calculated. Nowadays it is calculated in years, and a fraction linked to the number of days before the resident vacated the unit.

The exit fee is the only profit the operator has realised from the sojourn of this resident. In a village which has exit fees the operating costs are paid by the residents according to the RVAct and the BC & CMA if applicable. In other words, there is no profit accruing to the operator from running the village.

Villages without exit fees have higher charges which includes a profit component for the operator. In addition, there may be one or more charges for leaving the village, but they are not called exit fees.

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