FAQ – What is the best way to resolve disputes with village owners and operators –

What should I do to resolve a dispute with the manager and/or operator? Assuming the dispute has not been resolved by a verbal agreement the resident has to formalise the dispute as laid out in the RVAct. The resident has to write a letter (known as a s154 letter referring to the section of the Act regarding disputes) outlining the matters in dispute.

From that point the procedure gets a little more complicated and you will need to be very familiar with the Retirement Villages Act or ask ARQRV to guide you through the process.   This is part of the service that ARQRV does provide.

The letter nominates a day “no earlier than 14 days after the notice is given for the parties to meet within the village to attempt to resolve the dispute”.

“The second party must give the first party a written response to the notice within 7 days after receiving the notice”.

If the meeting does not resolve the dispute the resident can now take the next step to send the dispute to QCAT (see the following FAQ ‘What is QCAT …..’).

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