The ARQRV Committee has prepared a Model Residents’ Constitution as a guide for members, and especially Residents’ Committees, who are considering drawing up or revising their own Residents’ Constitutions.

Note that such a Constitution can NOT be a Residents’ Committee’s Constitution, because a constitution can only apply to the people in its title.  It would only apply to the Committee and therefore could not cover the conduct of Residents’ Meetings or, consequently, how the Committee is elected.  The Retirement Villages Act 1999 (Qld) refers only to a Residents’ Constitution (section 128).

A merged pdf document is provided, containing all elements of the Model:

  • a Preface, “General Information About …,

  • Basic Constitution with explanatory notes

  • Constitution Index

  • Basic Constitution

and       Annexures:  A, B1, B2, B3, B4, C, D, E, F, G, H and J  (Note:  there is no ‘I’)

Members may wish to download and print this merged document, to decide which sections they want to use for their own Constitution.


In addition, there are separate Word documents covering every item in the merged Model.  This is to enable members to download the sections they want to use, and adapt them to suit their own village situation.

The 16 independent documents are:

(Note:  no ‘I’)

Having prepared the draft, or draft amendments, members are invited to seek advice from the ARQRV Village Constitutions sub-committee (Chairman Ernie Hatton,, 5412 1686) as to whether their draft is consistent with the RV Act.

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