RESOURCE – Liaison Officer Role

ARQRV is the largest resident advocacy organisation in Queensland representing approximately 8500 financial members across 350 retirement villages in Queensland. The ARQRV fields 4500 complaints annually from distressed residents or their families. The Liaison Officer in a retirement village is a most important first contact between residents of retirement villages and central ARQRV Committee. At a basic level this job should neither be onerous nor confrontational. It is really a matter of encouraging new memberships and collecting membership fees if required and banking same, and passing details on to the Treasurer and Membership Officer.

Role of the Liaison Officer

  • Receive materials from ARQRV Committee. This would include current membership lists, promotional material (ARQRV brochure), and most recent Newsletters.
  • Distribute ARQRV promotional material by letterbox drop to each ARQRV member if required. Note: This would rarely happen as ARQRV sends quarterly newsletters out to each member either by post or email. It could include the ARQRV brochure, with a note regarding a current promotion policy: “every member get a member”.
  • Visit each new resident in the village to explain about the ARQRV, leaving with them an introductory pack of ARQRV material, and encouraging them to become a member.
  • Receive cash payments from current members or new members who wish to pay by cash, deposit the money in the ARQRV bank account and pass details on to ARQRV Treasurer and Membership Officer. NO receipting of money is required, but Liaison Officers are strongly advised to keep a simple record of moneys received. If renewing members and new members elect to pay directly through the banking system, it is essential that they advise the Treasurer and Membership Officer of their payment – either through the bank’s payee reference box (unit number, village and name) or by sending the completed Membership Renewal slip, with the receipt from the bank. In the long term, it is hoped that this direct banking system will operate efficiently and the “cash” system will gradually disappear.

Extended Role of the Liaison Officer

  • Act as a first point of contact for a village resident, seek clarification of an issue and arrange for the matter to be taken up by an ARQRV Committee member. Note: ARQRV members are entitled to make direct contact with members of the Committee, but some may prefer to have (or need) this sort of assistance from their Liaison Officer.
  • Attend general meetings of village residents and promote ARQRV.
  • Attempt to establish and maintain the support of the village Residents’ Committee 
for the ARQRV and attend its meetings if required.
  • Arrange for notices to be put up on general notice boards reminding residents of the Annual General Meeting of ARQRV and Renewal Dates for members.
  • Actively promote ARQRV through raising of relevant points at meetings of residents and in general discussion.
  • Make regular contact (2 or 3 times a year) with the Vice President of ARQRV for their area.


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