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If you receive an email that has an attachment that is a PDF and you can’t open it you may need to download a program called Adobe Reader. This is a free download and very easy to do and will enable your computer to read any PDF file you may receive in the future. To download the free Adobe Reader program for reading PDF files – ‘click here’


Another alternative program to read PDF files which is a smaller program and a bit faster is Foxit Reader. You can download this program for free – ‘click here


You should never use your computer to access the internet without having some form of antivirus software installed. Some computers come pre-loaded with antivirus software but if yours hasn’t then you can download Avast for free. To download the Avast antivirus software free program – ‘click here’ .  However a paid product is recommend as the free ones do not deliver full security.


In spite of the title this is a really interesting website with something for everyone. There are hundreds of topics under the following sections: ‘Adventure’, ‘Animals’, ‘Autos’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Health’, ‘Home and garden’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Quizzes’ etc. So if you have ever  wanted to know how things work or if you just want to keep learning then this website is a great read. Intrigued? – ‘click here

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