WHELLER ON THE PARK RETIREMENT VILLAGE The Boulevard,  Chermside,  Queensland

The People

49 people attended the Conference. There were 27 liaison officers, 9 ARQRV committee members and 11 ARQRV members. Attendees came from as far away as Townsville, Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Bagarra the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

The Conference was opened by the Honorable Leanne Enooch, Minister for Housing and Public Works), supported by the Honorable Anthony Lynham (Member for Stafford). The Minister spoke for 10 minutes indicating support for the activities of ARQRV operating in a complex situation. The Minster’s speech will be available on the ARQRV web-site shortly. There was also a welcome from Geoff Batkin (CEO Wesley Mission – WOTP venue) and Norm Hodgkinson (Chairman of WOTP Residents’ Committee).

Each of the attendees received an attractive blue plastic case of materials which included a Conference Book, an ARQRV fridge magnet and pen. In addition each liaison officer got a copy of the Retirement Villages Act.


The Program

I think the program was well chosen for the attendees with sessions presented by Joanne Wheeler, Mike Fairbairn, Judy Mayfield, John Scouller, Hilton Conroy and Steve Murray.  While fairly tight on time, the comments from attendees about the Presentation Sessions and the Breakout Sessions all indicated a good balance between presentation of information, time to ask questions, ability to raise and discuss issues.   And then there was always the morning tea and lunch times to network with other liaison officers to find out what other villages did.


The Venue

The venue of WOTP was ideal for this Conference.  The central cinema was great for the presentation sessions and the smaller rooms were perfect for our Breakout Sessions.  Wendy Skitch as the joint liaison officer for Wheller on the Park was invaluable in providing the connection between ARQRV and the venue and with her contacts and her attention to detail made the conference planning much easier.  There were 6 conference sponsors contributing to the running of the conference either through materials or money.   This meant that the conference may just be revenue neutral.


The Outcomes

The conference provided a great opportunity for liaison officers to network and express opinions on a wide range of issues. The outcomes from the Breakout Sessions were an impressive list of actions that the ARQRV Committee needs to consider to promote the ARQRV image, to assist the liaison officers to do a better job and to provide a more efficient and compete service for members. One of the simplest things suggested was a prominent Name Badge for every liaison officer so that people in their village know who they are – what a great idea.

The Conference was videotaped and there will be a collection of different videos produced covering various aspects. These will all be placed on the web-site in due course.

A full report of the conference outcomes will be published on the web site at a later date. This report will include the text of all presentation session and the supporting PowerPoint slides if used.


“Thank Yous”


 Too many people to list,  but I have to mention WOTP Residents who supported all of our activities all day and were superb, the ARQRV Committee for their efforts in all of the preparation and individual presentations and my wife Ann for all of the help in the background to keep me and the paperwork organised and focused.

Steve Murray  (Committee Member and Conference Organiser)

25 November 2015

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