BUDGET – Guidelines – Classification of Expenditure 2012v7

“These Guidelines have been agreed by the respective ACQ, RVAQ and ARQRV Retirement Living Committees/organisations.”  This document does not override residents’  Residence Contracts.  The Guidelines have been written for loan-licence or lease-for-life retirement villages.    Strata title (freehold) villages operate under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act (1997) Qld, and the Retirement Villages Act (1999) Qld.  Where there is an inconsistency concerning a resident’s rights and obligations the Retirement Villages Act will prevail.    Click on GUIDELINES to read this 24 page document.

NOTE: there is an error on page 5. The headings above Columns 3 and 4 should read, respectively: “Maintenance/Repairs – Non – Day to Day (Capital)” and “Day to Day Maintenance (Capital)”. (Glossary, page 23 re Section 97(1) confirms this.)

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