FAQ – Get it in writing –

You should get anything in writing that you have discussed with the Sales staff that promises you something that is not in your contract for the purchase, lease, or license to reside in a retirement village. Any verbal agreements regarding questions raised by the prospective resident and/or his solicitor should be substantiated by signed letters, or changes to the contract by the operator.

The contracts are long and complex, which is why prospective residents are always strongly recommended to seek the services of a solicitor familiar with the RVAct. (what is this exactly??)

ALL retirement village contracts have, by law, a cooling off period (14 days). A prospective resident who did not heed the advice in the previous paragraph, for whatever reason, can still obtain legal advice.

The last thing a prospective resident is contemplating is a possible future dispute with the operator. However, verbal agreements if relied on by a prospective resident would have little or no bearing at the tribunal.

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