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RV_23. Meeting of ARQRV with the DG, and P.Advisor for DH&PW 20 May 2015 –

MEETING WITH DIRECTOR GENERAL, DEPT. OF H&PW AND POLICY ADVISER TO MINISTER – 20 MAY 2015 New Government, new Minister, resumption of discussions following deferral of 29th August 2014 meeting. This May 2015 meeting ended up covering different subjects, namely residents’ concerns, and funding for the ARQRV. At very short notice, ARQRV members with email […]

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RV_29. Letter to new Minister de Brenni welcoming him, thanking him for resumption of Review process and for honouring Minister Enoch’s target completion date by the end of 2016. –

Following contact from the Department, as mentioned in this letter, a meeting with the ARQRV is proposed for January 2016 to discuss the most important issues, from the residents’ perspective, with regard to this Review. – CLICK HERE TO READ THE LETTER

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RV_16. Suggestions for corrections to drafting errors in the RV Act and comments on RIS 15, 31 July 2014 –

This submission followed a request from Minister Mander at a Forum on 17th June 2014, on the RV Act Review, where the ARQRV expressed concerns about the unsatisfactory progress of the Review.  The Minister invited the Association to submit a document listing all areas of concern, including ambiguities in the Act.  Four Committee members met […]

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