NEWSLETTER ARTICLES ON IMPORTANT, LASTING SUBJECTS (AUG.2016) Where there are two articles referred to for one subject, both should be read. General subject, Title Issue No, date, page(s) Committees Committees and all that … 89, February 2014, pp.2-4 Dichotomy between Committees 89, February 2014, p.3 Committees – Incorporated Associations 89, February 2014, p.3 Committees – […]

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ARQRV eCONNECT October 2017 ARQRV eCONNECT September 2017 ARQRV eCONNECT August 2017 ARQRV eCONNECT July 2017 ARQRV eCONNECT June 2017 ARQRV eCONNECT APRIL MAY 2017 ARQRV eCONNECT March 2017 ARQRV eCONNECT January February 2017 ARQRV eCONNECT December 2016 ARQRV eCONNECT November 2016 ARQRV eCONNECT October 2016 ARQRV eCONNECT September 2016 ARQRV eCONNECT August 2016 ARQRV eCONNECT […]

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The information contained in these Newsletters is up-to-date at time of issue, and residents can read about recent and on-going disputes at the Mediation and Tribunal stages. Submissions and meetings dealing with the legislation governing Retirement Villages are also outlined in the Newsletters. Articles on financial matters which are important for residents can also be […]

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