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Options Do you need a lease or a loan licence agreement Exit fees are expensive. How to understand them Freehold vs Licence vs Leasehold. Which is best for you Get it in writing Have you put your house in order How to deal with elder abuse in villages How do reinstatement or refurbishment costs effect […]

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WHO IS THE ARQRV To advance and protect the interests of residents of retirement villages located in Queensland. To act as an advocate on behalf of residents of Queensland retirement villages. To encourage retirement village residents to become involved, through The Association and/or their retirement village Residents’ Committee, in matters regarding their general welfare and […]

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The Association of Residents of Queensland Retirement Villages Inc.   The Role Of The ARQRV The ARQRV aims to advance and protect the rights and interests of ALL residents in Queensland Retirement Villages whether they are Pensioners or Independent Retirees.  The ARQRV will act as an advocate for residents living in freehold, leasehold or loan/licence units […]

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FAQ – Get it in writing –

You should get anything in writing that you have discussed with the Sales staff that promises you something that is not in your contract for the purchase, lease, or license to reside in a retirement village. Any verbal agreements regarding questions raised by the prospective resident and/or his solicitor should be substantiated by signed letters, […]

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FAQ – Retirement Villages Some Questions to ask before signing –

The glossy brochures advertising the lifestyles in Retirement Villages frequently do not answer the questions outlined below. Since the majority of disputes the ARQRV deal with are financial in nature members of the ARQRV can help friends or relatives who may be thinking of residing in a retirement village by bringing these questions to their notice. The ARQRV suggests that […]

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