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Correspondence And Documents Outward Correspondence From Mike REPORT AVEO 05/09/2015 From Ferguson to Mike Rate Concession 18/09/2015 From Mike to Premier Rate Concession 29/10/2015 From Mike Addendum Rate Concession 29/10/2015 From Mike To SSCC JAMIESON Rate Concession 29/10/2015 From Mike to Ferguson Rate Concession 10/11/2015 From Hilton to Mike Rate Concession 01/01/2016 From Hilton to Chris Whiting_MAIN_BRIEF 14/01/2016 From Hilton To Minister de […]

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DISPUTE – Communication Tower

The ARQRV sought legal advice on the following question. . A village is approached by a telecommunications company to erect a mobile ‘phone transmitter within the village. After consulting with the residents the scheme operator declines the approach.  The telecommunications company approaches the owners of the property next door with the same tower erection proposition. The owners […]

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