Minutes to the 2016 Annual General Meeting (Download pdf document)

  1. Opening & Welcome
    The meeting was opened by the chair, Judy Mayfield – President of the Association.
  2. Apologies, Attendance & Proxy holders
    There were ninety-five (95) members and four (4) guests in attendance per the attendance records, eight (8) apologies were received and six (6) proxy holders.
  3. Minutes of 2015 Annual General Meeting
    Moved: Marie Milner Seconded: Ann Murray CARRIED
    that the previously circulated minutes to the 2015 annual general meeting be accepted.
  4. Business arising from minutes
    There were no matters arising from the minutes.
  5. Reports:
    • President – Judy Mayfield:
    The president presented a vision for the future of ARQRV: more transparency for our members and a strong working relationship with the Department of Housing.
    • Treasurer – Marie Milner
    In the 2015-16 financial year ARQRV became a registered charity, which means that the Association is now eligible for tax rebates on GST paid. There was a foreseen increase in operating expenses as the Association has employed an administrative assistant and is leasing office premises.
    Marie announced her resignation as treasurer for the next financial year.
    • Mediation & Advocacy – Vice President – Mike Fairbairn
    A report on trends in the industry, including the emerging practice by operators to attempt recovering corporate costs through village budgets. The new approach to dispute resolution, engaging with village operators before escalation, is proving very successful. It improves the relations between residents and operators, and it gives us an opportunity to mediate in situations where there is no immediate breach of the Retirement Villages Act.
    • Membership Development – Vice President – Steve Murray
    The membership development portfolio is a new approach for the committee. It includes managing our full membership base – now 6500+ members, strategies to retain and organically increase this number and the development of members skills. The vision for the future is to expand and build on the knowledge of our (prospective) members through village visits throughout the year and build an accessible knowledge base online.
    The full reports are available in the Annual Report 2015/2016
  6. Presentation by Hon. Mick de Brenni – Minister for Housing & Public Works
    A summary of the presentation by the Minister is available in ARQRVCONNECT 101.
  7. Ordinary Motion
    Moved: Marie Milner Seconded: Mike Fairbairn CARRIED
    that, effective from 1 January 2017, ARQRV Lifetime membership fees will be $250.00; no joining fee applies to life membership applications.
  8. Election & Appointment of incoming committee
    The 2015/2016 elected committee members vacated their positions and the chair for the meeting was taken by Gerard Sullivan to oversee the election of the incoming committee.
    The nominations received prior to the meeting as attached to the agenda:
    President: Judy Mayfield Vice President: Mike Fairbairn Secretary: Angenita Nolten Treasurer: Marie Milner Vice President: Steve Murray
    Commitee members: Hilton Conroy, Thea Biesheuvel, Peter Smyth
    There were no nominations for the Secretary position received prior to the meeting and to prevent leaving the position vacant, Angenita Nolten was nominated to hold the position until the first committee meeting. Thea Biesheuvel has since accepted the position of Secretary on the committee.
    As no further nominations were received during the meeting and no positions were contested, all nominees were appointed in their nominated positions.
  9. General Business
    No general matters arose from the meeting.
  10. Meeting closure
    There being no more business or questions, the meeting was closed at 12.00PM.

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